Name: Winter
Age: 6 months
Weight: 17kg (37lbs)
Spayed/neutered: currently in heat but is booked to be spayed February 10th
Up to date on age appropriate vaccinations: yes & will recieve her booster vaccines at her spay
Kennel trained: yes
House trained: yes
Best breed guess: husky/heeler/cattle dog
Being fostered in: Regina
Adoption fee: $250
Good with dogs: yes
Good with cats: yes
Good with kids: yes. Has been fostered with an 11yr old and 2.5yr old


Winter is a very smart and a very eager to please pup! Training her has been fun as she's very food motivated and catches onto cues and commands very quick. She goes into kennel on demand and hasn't had an accident in the house other than excited pee dribbles a few times. She is the perfect mix of adorable puppy chaos and a sweet & gentle snuggler.


Winter is available for adoption on February 13th but we are currently accepting applications now. Applications can be found here.