Rainbow Posey

**Applications for Rainbow Posey are now closed**


Name:Rainbow Posey
Age: 8 weeks old (Sept 16/21)
Weight: 8.5 lbs
Spayed/neutered: no
Up to date on age appropriate vaccinations: has received her first vaccinations; will need another 2 boosters
Kennel trained: working on it
House trained: working on it
Best breed guess: pittie mix
(mom is a pitbull, dad mix breed)
Being fostered in: Weyburn
Adoption fee: $350 ($100 refund once proof of spay/neuter between 6-10 months of age)
Good with dogs: yes
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with kids: yes (but she’s a typical puppy with baby shark teeth)


Rainbow Posey is a happy girl who enjoys hanging out with her little humans & big furry foster sister. She’s always up for an adventure!


Rainbow is on a strict kennel/house training schedule and is doing well with both.
Like any young pup, Rainbow Posey needs continued guidance on things like learning that her toys & bones are what she chew on. She is a busy puppy but she also is content being carried around the house by her little kids. She is also treat motivated. Rainbow is the runt of the litter but makes up for it in spunk! 


(Her other 5 siblings will be announced later this week after their vet appts)


Rainbow Posey is available for adoption November 21st but we are currently accepting applications now. Applications can be found on our website here.