Name: Bubbles
Age: approx 7 weeks
Weight 9.6lbs/4.36kg
Spayed/Neutered: Too young
Upto date on age appropriate vaccinations: First dose of vaccine Sept. 6
Kennel Trained: small but mighty! She makes some noise in the kennel when she doesn’t think it’s time, but will settle. She does cry a little longer when her sister isn’t with her but overall is still doing great in the kennel.
House trained: is regularly outside but still has the occasional accident, sometimes she’s too busy playing outside and forgets till we come back in. Wakes 1-2x in the night to go out.
Best guess Breed: Mom is a pit bull cross dad is unknown.
Being fostered in Weyburn.
Adoption Fee $350 ($100 refund with proof of spay)
Good with dogs: Yes currently fostered with her sister and a young adult dog.
Good with cats: unknown but no reason to believe she wouldn’t be, would likely want to play.
Good with kids: Did you say cuddle? Pick me up and love me and I’m not going anywhere regardless of the age. Is currently being fostered in a house with 3 kids. 3-9


Bubbles she likes to play and watch her sister explore, also likes to see you close by and loves being cuddled, she’s happiest cuddling right under your chin. She’ll likes being close by around and will sit for treats. She is chewing a little bit and loves to tug on the bottom of pants or nip at your feet, just like puppies do! She’s a little more vocal than her sister is but one of them has to let you know it’s potty time in the middle of the night.


Bubbles is available for adoption Sept 7, but we are currently accepting applications now. Applications can be found on our website here.