Why Adopt?

Adopting a rescue dog helps to save two lives: the adopted dog and the dog that comes into his foster home after him. Upon coming into the care of Prairie Sky Dog Rescue Inc., dogs are thoroughly assessed and then monitored for two weeks (or longer) before they are available for adoption. This time allows the dog to settle in and for us to understand their personality and quirks. We can then honestly tell adopters about all aspects of the dog. While in our care all dogs receive training, utilizing positive reinforcement techniques. Our goal is for all our dogs to be properly socialized, understand basic obedience, be able to walk on a loose leash, and be house and kennel trained. We ask that adopters continue to use positive reinforcement methods with adopted dogs.

There are several things to consider when adding a dog to your life, including your current life style, the age and energy level of the dog, and the need for additional training. Dogs need time to settle into their new homes and this timeframe varies for each dog. Be patient with the dog during this time. We continue to support and work with adopters once a dog goes to his new home and we encourage adopters to stay in touch and voice questions or concerns so we can help work through any obstacles.

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