Name: Willa
Age: 7.5 months
Weight: 45 lbs
Spayed/neutered: Not yet but will be before going to her new home.
Up to date on age appropriate vaccinations: Will be after May 8th.
Kennel trained: Working on it. She will go in her kennel willingly for meals and treats and sleeps through the night in her kennel without a peep. She is learning to appreciate some downtime in her kennel with a bone or a toy but will occasionally vocalize her feelings if she thinks she is missing out.
House trained: She is still a puppy and does occasionally forget to let you know that she needs to go out but will easily get the hang of it once she is in her new home and knows where she is supposed to go.
Best breed guess: Pitbull Mix
Being fostered in: Regina
Adoption fee: $250
Good with dogs: Yes, being fostered with a dog. She is very energetic and would do best with a dog who could match her energy level.
Good with cats: Yes. She is currently fostered with two cats. She is very curious about them but gives them their space.
Good with kids: Yes. She is currently being fostered in a home with a three year old. While she has been great with her overall she sometimes gets excited and forgets that all four paws should stay on the ground.


Prior to coming to Prairie Sky, Willa had spent the past few months living as an outside dog. She will need a loving and understanding home that will be patient with her and take the time to teach her how to be an indoor house dog. She loves spending time outside in the sun but has already learned to appreciate a nice comfy couch. Willa will be available to go to her new home later on May after she is spayed but we are accepting applications now. The Applications can be found on our website here.