Name: Bruno
Age: about 11 weeks
Weight: 12 pounds
Spayed/neutered: too young
Up to date on age appropriate vaccinations: has had first dose of vaccines
Kennel trained: does really well for the most part. Easily goes in for meals but doesn't prefer to be in with the door closed while his humans are awake. Typically does quiet down in about 5-10 minutes and is learning to appreciate downtime in there while enjoying a bone. Sleeps quietly up to 7 hours overnight.
House trained: Very much a puppy and will need practice and consistency but is working on it and doing quite well.
Best breed guess: Shephard cross
Being fostered in: Regina
Adoption fee: $300 ($100 refund once proof of neuter)
Good with dogs: was temporarily living with another dog, but not currently living with any other pets in his foster home. Doesn't get too excited when he sees other critters while outside.
Good with cats: unknown
Good with kids: amazing


Bruno is such a sweetheart. He is so gentle and curious. He is very quiet and learns new things very quickly. He loves being around his people and prefers to be near. Enjoys time inside and outside and is starting to get used to the leash. Being a puppy he loves to chew and is still learning many skills so he needs consistency and attention. 


Bruno is available for adoption May 29th, but we are currently accepting applications now. Applications can be found on our website here.