Name: Phineas
Age: 7 months (born June 5,2023)
Weight: best guess at 50-60 lbs. he’s tall and lanky. Will have an accurate weight after his check up on Monday
neutered: yes
Up to date on age appropriate vaccinations: yes
Kennel trained: yes but is great free roaming as well
House trained: yes
Best breed guess: border collie cross
Being fostered in: radville
Adoption fee: $350
Good with dogs: yes but needs slow supervised introductions. He’s friendly but nervous meeting new dogs and will growl. No issues after 10 minutes
Good with cats: yes, dog savvy cats. He will chase out of excitement if they run
Good with kids: great with kids


Phineas (or Phin) is an absolute sweetheart and looking for his forever family. He has been out on the acreage and is smart around vehicles. He will run to the deck until it is completely stopped before he comes to see you. Loves his walks and going on adventures; as long as those adventures don’t involve going for a drive (he is anxious on drives but still travels fairly well). His one vice is that he likes to gobble his food and can make himself sick but a slow feeder bowl makes a big difference.


Phineas is available for adoption as of Monday Jan 15th after his check up. Applications can be found on our website here.