Rizzo-Available Dog
Rizzo-Available Dog Name: RizzoAge: 15 weeks (Jan 5/17) Weight: 23lbsSpayed/neutered: not old enoughUp to date on age appropriate Vaccinations: yesKennel trained: yes - working on itHouse trained: working on itBest breed guess: shepherd/Bassett hound cross (mom is a Bassett hound/shepherd cross and about 38lbs, dad is
Lily-Available Dog
Lily-Available Dog Name: Lily Age: 15 weeks (approx Jan 5th) Weight: 28 lbs Spayed/neutered: Too young Up to date on age appropriate vaccinations: Yes Kennel trained: Working on itHouse trained: Working on it Best breed guess: Shepherd mix (Mom is about 38 lbs and looks like a shepherd/basset hound mix. Dad is
MJ-Available Dog
MJ-Available Dog Name: MJ (Em) Age: 5 yrsWeight: 38 lbsSpayed: YesUp to date on age appropriate Vaccinations: YesKennel trained: Working on it.House trained: YesBest breed guess: Pug/Beagle/Shiba Inu Being fostered in: WeyburnAdoption fee: $250Good with dogs: YesGood with cats: YesGood with kids: Yes Em is a very
Guimauve-Available Dog Guimauve is more than just a sweet, squishy dog!! He is joie de vivre and will be your best pal on all your adventures! He will make you laugh with his crazy antics and give you big, bully kisses whenever your face is in tongue range! This marshmallow will be your loving family companion for many
Juno-Available Dog
Juno-Available Dog Name: Juno - female Age: ~ 1 year Weight: 57 lbsSpayed/neutered: YesUp to date on age appropriate Vaccinations: YesKennel trained: working on it, fine left unkenneled House trained: YesBest breed guess: Border collie XBeing fostered in: ReginaAdoption fee: $250Good with dogs: yesGood with cats:

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