Maksym- AdoptedMaksym- Adopted Maksym now Cooper went to his adoptive family on Feb 24,
San Quinten- AdoptedSan Quinten- Adopted San Quinten (on the right) went to his family including a twin sister on Feb. 18,
Bella- AdoptedBella- Adopted Bella was "home" the very the moment she entered her foster home and was officially adopted Feb 20, 2013 by her foster mom
Amy- AdoptedAmy- Adopted Amy (on the right) now Xena went to her new home on Feb 8/13, here she is with her brother
Scout- AdoptedScout- Adopted We are happy to announce Scout went to his new home on January 26,
Betty- AdoptedBetty- Adopted Betty now Chaleah Rose went home on January 2,
Wicket- AdoptedWicket- Adopted Congrats to Wicket and his new family!! He went home on Dec. 16th and his adoption has been finalized!! Happy tails, little
Moose- AdoptedMoose- Adopted Moose (on the left) went to his new family on Dec 14,
Riley- AdoptedRiley- Adopted Riley, now Buddy went to his new family on Dec 10,
Sophie- AdoptedSophie- Adopted Sophie went home Dec 5,
Sage- AdoptedSage- Adopted Sage now Shadow went to her home Nov 14,
Damien- AdoptedDamien- Adopted Damien now Jackson went to his new home on Oct 24,
Midge- AdoptedMidge- Adopted Liberty (also known as Midge) went to her new family on October 22,
Archie- AdoptedArchie- Adopted Archie went to his new home on Oct 14,
Veronica- AdoptedVeronica- Adopted Veronica made the journey to her new home in Calgary on Oct 13, 2012. Here she is with her kids and big
Reggie- AdoptedReggie- Adopted Reggie went to his new home on Oct 13, 2012 here he is with most of his
Bear- AdoptedBear- Adopted Bear went to his new home on Oct 8, 2012. Here he is (on the left playing camera shy) with his new owners and sister

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