Surrendering your dog.

We receive requests on a daily basis from people with many different reasons for wanting to give up their dog. Prairie Sky Dog Rescue is committed to helping homeless and unwanted dogs who are facing starvation, neglect and death. Because we give dogs in great need priority, we often do not have room for owner-surrenders. We strongly encourage owners to place ads for their dogs on Kijiji and UsedRegina; hang posters in vet clinics, pet stores, and training centers; and use social media to help rehome your dog. Prairie Sky is a last resort for those who just simply have no other options.

We are not able to take dogs with serious aggression issues. Our foster homes are generally no more skilled of trainers than you are, and if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe around your dog, it is very unlikely we will have a foster home who will take on your dog. Please consider talking to your veterinarian about the options available for your dog.

New Baby

Dogs and babies can happily exist in the same household, with a little work and training (for both the humans and the dog!). There is a great article at where you can read up on how to start working with your dog before the baby comes and how to properly introduce your dog to the new family member.

Behavioural Issues

We believe training is crucial in helping dogs become happy members of the family. There are many online great online resources such as dogstar, Dr. Sophia Yin, Kikopup; as well as many qualified trainers in the Regina area that can help you work with your dog, instead of the option of no longer keeping him/her and passing those issues on to someone else to work with. Through training you will also develop a deeper bond with your dog.

No Time/Long Work Hours

Dogs do not require someone to be home with them for 24 hours a day to be happy and they can actually sleep up to 16 hours a day. There are many options available to ensure your dog receives adequate exercise, such as hiring a dog walker or going to dog daycare where dogs have the opportunity to socialize and burn energy. Your dog would rather spend limited time with you than be moved to live with strangers.


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