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Name: Ursa - means bear
Age: 5 months, born middle of Oct, best guess.
Weight: 24 lbs
Spayed/neutered: not old enough
Up to date on age appropriate Vaccinations: yes
Kennel trained: yes - loves her kennel!
House trained: for the most part, she has very subtle clues when she wants out.
Best breed guess: shepherd/rotti (not very big thou)
Being fostered in: Moose Jaw
Adoption fee: $300 with $100 back between 6-10 months of age
Good with dogs: yes 
Good with cats: Yes. Curious but not very persistent.
Good with kids: We have only met older children, and she was fine, not sure how a toddler would do.

This beautiful fluffy puppy came to us very scared and timid. She was afraid of any movement from anyone or anything. She was also pretty skinny under all that fluff.

Ursa is a much braver and more confident pup now, she has improved a lot in a short time, and I'm sure she will only get better and better.
This girl is still a bit confused as to what to do with all these dog toys around. Catching or chasing a ball seems a bit silly to her. And a game of tug? I don't think so! Instead gathering them ALL and hoarding them in her kennel seems more the thing to do, where a chew at her leisure feels right.
Ursa's foster sister has been trying to teach her how to wrestle and play like her, but to no avail. Maybe still a little too shy for much roughhousing.
She is quite food motivated and with the right treat she is far more willing to try new things.

I am confident she will be able overcome her shyness with the right family.
Whoever decides to bring this amazing dog into their home will have a very loyal friend.

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