Rigby-Adoption Pending

Name: Rigby
Age: 4 - 5 months
Weight: 22lbs
Neutered: No
Vacc: Yes
Kennel Trained: Yes
House Trained: 90 % of the time
Breed: Shepherd/Blue Heeler Cross (just a guess) 
Forstered: In Regina
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes

Rigby is a sweet boy that loves his belly rubbed and loves to play. He has a German Shepherd as a big brother right now and he tries to herd him as well as the geese in the park. He is not a big barker at all. He can sit and is very calm. He LOVES his food and will do anything for a treat. He has been having his supper in his kennel as he can be a very fast eater and it slows him down. He is our little shadow and will follow you anywhere. He just wants to be part of the family. He will make an excellent addition to any family. He can have an accident from time to time because he can get distracted playing after all he is just a puppy.

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