Lucy-Adoption Pending

Name: Lucy 

 Age: 2 months on Oct 13/18

 Weight: 10.4 lbs

 Spayed/neutered: No, to young. 

 Up to date on age appropriate vaccinations: Yes 

 Kennel trained: Sleeps very well at night in the kennel. Day time kennelling is getting better every day. 

 House trained: working on it. 

 Best breed guess: Shepherd X

(Mom is around 80 lbs) 

 Being fostered in: Moose Jaw

 Adoption fee: $300 ($100 refund once proof of spay between 6-10 months old age) 

 Good with dogs: Yes

 Good with cats: Yes, she really wants to play with cat like she does with her foster dog siblings.  

 Good with kids: She does love her people the size doesn’t matter. 


Lucy seems to be the runt of this litter. She is coming in at mere 10 lbs compared to some of her siblings that are in the 17 lbs range. She like most puppies is full of curiosity and adventure! Anything her foster brother and sister can do she can do too! There is no problem with her keeping up on walks or wrestling with her 70 lbs brother. With playing hard comes sleeping hard! This little girl is learning that her kennel is great for afternoon naps as well as a good night sleep; 8 hours straight through! 

Lucy, mostly, will come when called...darn distractions, and is learning to sit and wait for her meals. She sure loves her people and evening time snuggles in front of the t.v. are no problem.


Lucy is available for adoption Oct 19th but we are currently accepting applications now. 

Applications can be found on our website at


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