Name: Cash

Age: 7 months

Weight: 34lbs

Spayed/neutered: booked in for July 31/18

Up to date on age appropriate vaccines: yes. Needs a booster in August

Kennel trained: yes! Does like to try an escape tho so we clip the locks for extra security. 

House trained: yes but is still a puppy so needs supervision 

Best breed guess: Heinz 57

Being fostered in: Weyburn 

Adoption Fee: $250 

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: He really wants to play with his kitty foster sister and will chase if she runs. When the kitty doesn’t run he will bark at her, but is easily distracted and redirected. 

Good with Kids: Yes, but he needs to be reminded of personal space and does get a big jumpy when excited. 

Available for adoption: August 5th. 


Cash was found as a stray and had a pre existing injury to his hip. He had to have his femoral head removed so he does need some special care for the next few weeks. Once healed you will barely be able to tell he was injured at all! It definitely doesn’t slow him down at all! 


Cash is a very loving puppy who always wants to be with his people but he is also willing to lay down on the dog bed and destroy a toy or chew on an antler. Cash loves going on walks (has to be leash walked until he is off restricted exercise) so his leash manners are improving very fast! Although the kennel isn’t his favourite thing he is quickly learning that is is alright to have a nap or chew on a long in there. 

Cash can be a bit saucy at times and likes to tell you when you don’t throw his toys or hand out treats fast enough! He would love to have a family of his own to go on adventures with!


We are currently accepting applications for Cash. Applications can be found on our website at 


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