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Zailey-AdoptedZailey-Adopted Zailey was adopted on July 29,
Deeohgee-AdoptedDeeohgee-Adopted Deeohgee now Maynard was adopted July 6, 2013. Here he is on a family trip to
Manfred-Adopted Manfred-Adopted Manfred was adopted on July 13,
Otis- AdoptedOtis- Adopted Otis now Frankie was adopted on June 26,
Bosco-AdoptedBosco-Adopted Bosco now Nova was adopted on June 26,
Thelma-AdoptedThelma-Adopted Thelma was a foster fail and officially adopted on June 22,
Sita-AdoptedSita-Adopted Sita on the left was adopted on Sept 7, 2013. Here she is with her brother
THANK-YOU!!THANK-YOU!! Our calls for donations were answered! Thanks to monetary donations we were able to purchase some much needed supplies for our puppies coming in and dogs currently in our care. For our puppies coming in we purchased two kinds of high quality food, tripe, and milk supplement and for Mordecai a new
Puppy Food Needed!Puppy Food Needed! Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!! We have six young puppies coming into our care this week and we used up all of our high quality puppy/ all stages food on our recent additions that required to put on some much needed weight.  To ensure these puppies receive the proper nutrients we are asking for
Mordecai on CJMEMordecai on CJME Check out the news story on Mordecai  Thank-you Adriana from CJME for featuring our boy!      
Mordecai is a star!Mordecai is a star! Our boy Mordecai is now a star! We were approached by a reporter requesting to do a story on Mordecai’s life and of course we said yes. The interview featuring our PR Coordinator; Jessica, Mordecai’s foster mom; Connie and Mordecai will air on Monday June 10 between 5:30-8:30 am on CJME
Puppy Fosters NeededPuppy Fosters Needed We are in urgent need of foster homes for several 5-6 week old puppies from two different litters. Please fill out a foster application if you are interested in saving a
Marley-AdoptedMarley-Adopted Marley now Abby was officially made a member of her foster family on June 20,
Rhea-AdoptedRhea-Adopted Rhea now McCoy with her new owners, she was adopted June 16,
Tansi-AdoptedTansi-Adopted Tansi was adopted on June 21,
Autumn-AdoptedAutumn-Adopted Autumn went to her family on July 5, 2013. Here she is with her new owners; Brittany and Dan and her feline
Lumsden Summer MarketLumsden Summer Market We will be in Lumsden today (June 8) from 10-3pm at the Lumsden Summer Market. We will have dog treats, our famous pupcakes, liver treats, bandanas and T-shirts for sale. Vendors will be in the rink today due to the rain so don't worry about getting wet. If you are in the area come down and see us
Tori-AdoptedTori-Adopted Tori went home to her family on May 22, 2013. Here she is with her
Denver-AdoptedDenver-Adopted Denver went to his new family on May 9,
Tanner-AdoptedTanner-Adopted Tanner was officially adopted by his foster family on May 13, 2013. Here he is with his mom and brother, Satchmo (on the

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